Team Nitty Gritty 2015

Daniel Summerhill | Poetyc Visionz | Elizag | Amani

Daniel Summerhill

Daniel Summerhill is a writer and poet from Oakland, California. He has been writing since the age of 12 and has performed his works at colleges, universities, and venues in over 10 states since 2009. He has accomplished winning several individual poetry grand slams such as the The Golden Gate Poetry Slam, Cypher's Inc Slam, and The Empire State Slam. Daniel has also been previously named Youth Poet Laureate. He enjoys the honesty of the craft and being able to express for himself and others.


Poetyc Visionz

Poetyc Visionz is an Albany native who has been performing his spoken word art for nearly 15 yrs, positively. He was a part of the Nitty Gritty Slam Team 2012, 2013, & 2014, and is also a part of the Empire State Slam Championship Team of 2014. He is now working on his third CD project, along with a book installment.



Elizag was a member of Albany's first slam team in 2011 and the NYC-Urbana WOWPS rep in 2013. Her poetry collection Love Cohoes came out in 2014 and was an Indie Book Awards finalist. She performs her poetry regularly and widely, and also works as an adjunct teaching writing classes in Northampton Community College's online division.



A radical of the heart and pacifist of the mind, Amani spends much of her time contemplating the degrees of difference between humans, other animals and non-living things.

Committed to changing the world through both overt and subversive techniques Amani is a writer, educator and community organizer who uses the tools of artistic expression, urban agriculture and social awareness to impact change and foster a sense of empathy and inter-being in local urban communities. A recent addition to Albany’s slam poetry scene, Amani is enthusiastic about raising her voice and using the power of art to spark major social change in the Capital Region and the larger world.